The team of TherapyDogs since the beginning of its action is based on love and the willingness to offer to society as a whole. In our effort to consolidate the therapeutic contact with animals, our volunteers are valuable helpers, who with their own contribution contribute substantially to our work.

The volunteer of our association can participate either alone or with his dog. The basic elements of the volunteer’s personality are the will to offer and cooperate, the responsibility, the consistency, and the settled and unaffected decision to participate in the actions.

The procedure for someone to participate voluntarily:

  • Filling out a volunteer work application and attaching a CV *
  • Individual interview – Information about the duties and obligations of the volunteer
  • Educational programme

a) for the volunteer (“Therapy with the help of animals” seminar),

b) for the dog (positive training and evaluation)

  • Presentation of necessary health documents, criminal record, ID, as well as a fully up-to-date health book of his dog
  • Placement in the action to be employed voluntarily

Fields of Voluntary Action

  • Companion with his dog in sessions for people with disabilities

(Implementation of the program “Therapy with the help of animals” in organizations that serve the disabled)

  • Companion with his dog in sessions for people with mental illness

(Implementation of the program “Therapy with the help of animals” in organizations that serve people with mental illnesses)

  • Companion with his dog in Read program sessions

(Implementation of the program “Therapy with the help of animals” to children who need help in learning)

Support in Social Actions

Throughout the year, the union organizes and participates in various information events and bazaars, with the aim of financially supporting the actions but also informing and raising awareness among citizens about our work.

Secretarial support

In our office there are tasks that require knowledge of computer use as well as bureaucratic tasks!

Voluntary Offer according to profession

The contribution of people who want to contribute through their professional activity is important and essential. All kinds of professionals, of every field, of every specialty are welcome for us (graphic artists, web designers, people with knowledge of marketing, communication & social media, translators, lawyers, etc and those who want to offer)

Even if you don’t have a lot of time, there are quick and easy ways to help therapydogs

  • follow us on facebook, youtube and instagram
  • respond to our appeals and support campaigns
  • tell your circle about the work of therapydogs.

* If our volunteer needs are met at the time you apply, it may take some time before we get back to you. Otherwise, we will be in touch immediately to set up an interview

Volunteer Training Stages

All volunteers follow the following development stages:

1) Attending the distance seminar “Therapy with the help of animals«,

2) after the successful completion of the distance theoretical seminar (test), participation in a practical training (workshop),

3) simple observer,

4) volunteer assistant,

5) volunteer with defined responsibilities,

6) department manager

According to the Statute of the Association, volunteers can, upon their application and after it is approved by the Board of Directors, become Participating Members.